Brown Praying Mantis Grasshopper

This unique insect is a brown praying mantis in garden or what is referred to in scientific language as Kung Fu grasshopper or Mantodea. Brown praying mantis insect is a funny and also unique insect, although for some people, this brown praying mantis is a scary grasshopper. Why ? Because there are many parasites in the praying mantis stomach.  The uniqueness of brown praying mantis as a 6-legged, among other things is the shape of 2 legs in the front is bigger than the back foot, body movements and the typical, also funny mantis dance.

Then brown praying mantis is also the tame grasshopper with humans. The another uniqueness of praying mantis is after the mantis mating process, then brown male mantis will be devoured by brown female mantis, because brown female mantis feels very hungry. Brown praying mantis is one of free nature pics objects worthy of being used as a collection of wildlife wallpaper or desktop background.

Brown Praying Mantis Pics