Yellow Vented Bulbul Pics

Wild bird in this free animal activity pictures is yellow vented bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier) taken in the morning when the flocks of birds are looking for food. Th yellow vented bulbul chirp with clear sound quality and quite loud, with a variety of natural sounds native to the countryside. Photography  of natural village shows yellow-vented bulbul behavior while foraging. Natural village ambiance  is still beautiful and far from pollution, of course, in addition to fresh air because of the clean air, lots of plants from vegetables, grass, flowers, fruits to large trees, also of course there are still wild birds that can be seen or enjoyed by the sounds.

One of the wild birds as a sign that a village is still beautiful is the presence of birds that fly freely and sing in the village. As one of free nature picture objects, so yellow vented bulbul image or yellow vented bulbul bird pics suitable for use as full HD wallpaper  and desktop background on PC and smartphone.

Yellow Vented Bulbul Images

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